Windows 10 64 bit ISO Updates and Features

Windows 10 64 bit ISO Updates and Features

Microsoft published its windows 10 64 bit download with software updates to resolve various vulnerabilities and common exposures , some of them for the latest Microsoft client operating system. Hence, if only for security reasons, the obligation to keep Windows 10 of your Ultrabook up to date with this function, but how are these automatic updates activated? if you did not do it when setting up your device for the first time. We leave you a small access guide and a faq with the most frequently asked questions Access the Windows Update of the control panel using the search command of the new Windows 10 Charm Bar by quickly sliding your finger from the right edge of the screen in case of a touch screen or with a mouse pointing to the upper right corner of the screen. Also with a Windows + Q keyboard shortcut or through the powerful hidden user menu of Windows 10 of which we already offered you a complete guide, also gets update on windows 11.

Windows 10 64 bit

Time passes for everyone and everything. And in the world of electronics and technology this maxim is accentuated even more . Time is the same, clockwise and calendar pages pass at the same rate, and yet it gives us the impression that it runs much faster. It seems that it was yesterday when we saw Windows 10 arrive , Microsoft’s first attempt to adapt to touch screens after a solvent system and remarkable performance like Windows 10. We are not going to discuss whether Windows 10 was better or worse, its successes and their failures. What interests us here is that for a few hours Windows 10 has left the main support by Microsoft. A Windows 10 that is still present in 6% of the computers and that is already marked on the calendar the date for the end of the support. It still remains, it will be January 10, 2023, but we see how quickly time passes.

Windows 10 Performance

  • Windows 10 was a system that did not have all the support from users waiting from Microsoft. In fact we already see that it is present in 6% of the teams only. You can think that it is a figure according to its time in the market, something that falls apart if we see that Windows 7. even more ancient, is present in 60% of the computers.
  • The loss of this support means that since Redmond they are not obliged to launch more updates beyond those corresponding to the security patches that have to be released on time. In this way he enters the group of operating systems that are already in the second cycle of his life in which security patches are offered but that no longer receives maintenance updates. It is extended support.
  • Windows 10 arrived on October 26, 2012 and sees the end of the main support arrive three years after Windows 7 did it. Windows 10 was an attempt to adapt the operating system to the touch screens and introduced interesting contributions: just remember a First concept of what have been the universal applications arrived with Windows 10.
  • To correct the failures of Windows 10 we saw Windows 10.1 arrive , a free update that sought to correct all the errors that Windows 10 wore. An update that nevertheless arrived later than would have been necessary .
  • It is thus interesting for users who still have Windows 10 (or Windows 10.1) to upgrade to Windows 10 to have full support in which they receive constant security and maintenance patches , something fundamental (we see it) in the Today’s computing.

Frequently asked questions about automatic Windows 10 updates

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What is automatic update?

Thanks to automatic updates, it is not necessary to search for updates online or worry about the possible absence of critical fixes or Windows device drivers on the computer. Windows Update automatically installs important updates as they become available. It is also possible to configure Windows Update to automatically install recommended updates or to only warn that they are available.

Is it necessary to look for updates?

If automatic updates are used, it is not necessary to look for important and recommended updates. Windows Update will look for these updates and install them when they are ready. If automatic updates are not used, you must manually search for them at least once a week. Usually, important updates are published once a month. However, updates can be published at any time.

How much does it cost to update Windows?

Windows Update is completely free although we will need an Internet connection to download the necessary files

How can you tell what updates have been installed?

Windows Update maintains an update history so you can check which updates were installed and when. You can also use this list to remove specific updates but it is usually not convenient to remove them unless for a specific reason.

Can you tell if there is a problem with installing updates?

Yes. Since Windows Update provides important updates for performance and security, you will be notified if it is not possible to install an update.

What can be done if problems arise with the installation of updates?

Windows has an automatic troubleshooter that can correct some common Windows Update problems. check our windows 10 iso 64 bit