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"Given that so much is written about confirms that there is a body of science that is considering it. That's all I've ever claimed."

Afternoon Nasty Cowgirl

" I stand up silently. Lacey looks at me, smiles reassuringly, and moves to get up with me. "Uh hem, I want to speak to him alone" says Gavin. I barely hear Lacey's muffled protest as the door swings shut behind me.

Gavin turns around and looks at me. I meet his deiving.

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Kazitilar 7 months ago
Schizophrenics experience the same thing on a daily basis.
Mujas 7 months ago
In addition to those 18 indictments and 8 convictions(one Trump lemming like you on jury saved him from having 300 years in jai....only 80) there is this:
Grozilkree 7 months ago
Again, I am not the one trying to claim that animals like having sex with men.
Mezil 6 months ago
It's deceptive to use this to speak of homosexuality when it's talking about hetrosexual divorce.
Dougul 6 months ago
Yeah I can't really be bothered today, only a couple hrs sleep so I don't have alot of get up and go, oh well it's all part of it
Brasho 6 months ago
The Handmaid will surely do what the master wants.
Kijas 6 months ago
Well I think any vulgar names would and should be off limits.
Bagor 6 months ago
Pot, kettle, black.
Brazshura 5 months ago
I think it varies from Christian to Christian. A lot of modern Christians can admit that Adam and Eve could be symbolic. A lot of them just try not to think of the inconsistencies.

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