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"Food can make me just as happy if not more! Lol"

Indian Girl Behind Bars

Just before she leaves she turns around and says "I'll see you tomorrow Ray, my maths lessons at 10am, make sure you come prepared because I have a test on Monday. " The next day 10am: Perhaps I should have mentioned that I gya Lacey in maths once a week.

My parents suggested it after Lacey had expressed that she wasn't so good at maths. Vidso here I am sitting at the dining table in her house, teaching Lacey how to do vay, "a2 b2 c2," but my efforts are in vain. vdieo I'm being payed to tutor you, you have to pay attention, I'm not going let your parents pay me for not teaching you anything," I scold her.

She just looks at me stony faced. I would worry that I've upset her but I know what she's doing. She's waiting for me to give in, waiting for me to break the sexual tension that's been in the room since we sat down.

Then she says "It's been half an hour now, I get my 5 minute break. " A few seconds pass, then I lean forward and wrap one arm around her and we begin to kiss.

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as long as they are miles away from me I am all good about them
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Jusho 8 months ago
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