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"knee deep in 'em... up to here in Chonks, tho!"

" She looks at me shocked "What happened to discretion, my parents are only just upstairs," She says. "We can hear them coming down the stairs a mile away; you know the noise they make.

" "But I'm underage you know that," came her reply. "Listen you love me right, and I love you, why shouldn't we have sex it doesn't matter if you're underage as long as you love each other. " A glint enters her eyes. I can see the excitement as she warms to the idea.

She pulls down her leggings and I run my hands down her legs. She's already wet I get on my knees and lick her a few times eliciting a few moans from her. She then puts one foot on the chair spreading her pussy wide open. My cock is rock hard with the skin rolled down.

I position it at the entrance. I want this so bad it hurts. I push forward.

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Faelar 9 months ago
McConnell and his buddies are trying like crazy to work behind the scenes to sneak Kavanaugh in before the outcry grows too loud to ignore. Then they'll be able to shrug and say something like, "Oh well... if we'd only known soon enough to do something about it." It's sad to watch our government spiral down into the cesspool it's becoming. So much for draining the swamp; Trump and his pals are just crapping in the water...
Tekazahn 9 months ago
I have never seen anything in the Bible that is true, side from history, not religion
JoJozilkree 9 months ago
I don't usually give any advice, because when I do, it always ends badly when they don't follow it and then I get blamed. I usually say "I wouldn't do that" and wait for hell to break loose.
Gardar 9 months ago
Hey sweetheart. How?s your Sunday going?
Kenris 9 months ago
Which produced a cotchel of Bibles.

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