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"His family was dead, he was tortured, and it ended well?"

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Now get on the floor and suck my cunt," she says with sudden ferocity. I simply obey her orders, I get on my knees and look up and lick her sodden pussy. I push my tongue past her outer lips and I hear her gasp in pleasure. She's leans back against the piano taking care not to press any of the keys.

She grabs tufts of my hair as I begin to shove my middle finger inside of her. "That's so good, oh God ray it feels so good" with my left hand I reach upwards and grab her slippery tit. I think to myself one day we'll rent a room and we can fuck all day. I keep licking and fingering and I can tell she's getting closer.

"I'm going to cum Ray, oh God.

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Akikora 9 months ago
Funny how unsafe schools have become since we've banned God and guns from campus, maybe we should rethink that.
Nak 9 months ago
Your comparing modern justice practices to periods of religious persecution?
Nikobei 9 months ago
You said you?d be back later and I said ???????????? Cool... lol
Fegis 8 months ago
I've read a couple dozen quotes(he isn't an active writer). His radio show was the most interesting. Mike can keep his mouth closed sometimes and that's better then "Gotti on steroids" disaster we have now.
Vura 8 months ago
One of six siblings to serve during wartime. My bad my ancestors didn't get here that long ago. Want a pic of my Great grandfather in his civil war uniform?
Modal 8 months ago
The devout follower of Jesus and the devout ISIS followers?

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