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"ending tax exemption is not being hostile towards religion, it's removing preferential treatment that should never have been granted in the first place. religious tax exemption is privilege, and an unfair one at that. churches are virtually audit free, without any of the requirements for maintaining this preferential status that their fellow 501's share."

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" His eyes bore into me and his next words are lost as I struggle to hold his gaze. "Keep you dick in your pants and your hands off my daughter. Do you understand?" "You didn't have to tell me that Gavin" I reply, anger beginning to boil inside me.

"It had to be said, so I'll ask again are we clear?" "Yes, "I reply. Back in the sitting room Lacey is wating anxiously. After I'd walked into the room and sat down, she asks in a hushed tone "are you all right?" I just shake my head and sit down.

"You seem shaken Ray, what did he say?" "He said that I can't do anything sexual with you," I mutter. "Well duh, but you're not going to let that phrase you, are you?" "Do I have a choice?" I retort. I might have said more but the words died on my lips as Lacey slid towards me across the sofa.

She instantly mushed her lips against mine and our mouths moved in unison. Instantly my worries were brushed aside as the warmth of her body stemmed my fears. I worked my tongue inside her mouth and my hands moved to rub her breasts through her shirt.

I can already feel myself getting hard; it happens whenever I'm near her, I can't help it.

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Tygole 8 months ago
Yeah tha is what I said.
Akinolar 8 months ago
You should prbably investigate the dead sea scrolls, there is an account the old jewish Solar caledar. As far as I understatnd the Lunar Calendar comes from Helenistic influence on Judaism. The original Sabaths were calculated very differently in the early jewish traditions.
Donris 8 months ago
Tbh when I was a Christian I thought atheists were evil, baby-eating societal outcasts. I hadn't given it any thought. Since de-converting I've lost some religious friends and it hurts, but I can relate to how they feel. If they ever wanted to be friends again I would, but I don't think it's likely to be offered.
Kajisida 8 months ago
I wish you enjoy it ??

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