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"She's not a favorite, I just like the pic."

I want this so bad it hurts. I push forward. Nothing happens, my cock slides down her pussy lips. I try again and again but I just can't penetrate her.

"Come on Lacey where is your hole?" I ask. "It's right here," and she demonstrates my sliding her middle finger in and out of her pussy. I keep trying but my cock won't fit. Frustration is beginning to take over. "I can't take this," I mutter "Just suck me off. " As she gets on her knees I pull up her top so I can see her amazing breasts.

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Maujas 9 months ago
To wait for the real answers rather than making up God fantasies.
Shakasho 9 months ago
all the women were saved...its only the men who died ????
Kam 8 months ago
Good answer. What sins have you committed, and what punishment would be too much to fit the offense? Would burning in he'll be too much? Would hearing off key kazoos constantly in your head be too much?
Shazuru 8 months ago
?? Yay!! ?? ???????????????? Thanks, James!! ????????????
Golticage 8 months ago
Paul didn't fail them, they failed by offense. He wanted to show them through his own failings as a Jew, how Christ Jesus was that promised messiah.
Vucage 8 months ago
lol I did notice that :P
Goltirn 7 months ago
He is an artisan, not an artist. They are two different things. This whole artist argument is absurd.
Zulubei 7 months ago
Arguments from Scripture.

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