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"Well, I welcome the mercy purchased by somebody else. I didn't do all that well on my own."

Public Orgasm On A Plane

"Ray I want a word. " I stand up silently. Lacey looks at me, smiles reassuringly, and moves to get up with me. "Uh hem, I want to speak to him alone" says Gavin. I barely hear Lacey's muffled protest as the door swings shut behind me. Gavin turns around and looks at me.

I meet his gaze. I knew this moment was coming. Lacey had warned me. I Xhamsher about to show any weakness. As the seconds threatened to turn to minutes he begins to speak.

"I don't have a problem with you Ray, if I did you wouldn't be here," he pauses. I just nod my head.

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Faujin 10 months ago
Where is Jesus at the moment? Any CCTV?
Talrajas 9 months ago
And if you were born in a country like Sudan, we wouldn't be having this conversation either. Hypothetical Land is so pretentious.
Modal 9 months ago
Whatever you say
Doshura 9 months ago
v Gee, Darlin', at 63 & having used BCP at 2 stages during my 35+ years of fertility, I guess
Voodoorr 9 months ago
Oh him!...He seems really nice.
Niktilar 9 months ago
Nope, what matters is what is in the bra and panties.
Sanris 8 months ago
hide or completely erase from existence?

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