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"I never even implied that."

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I moan long and loud, white pearly cum sprays over the table top. I have a few Fighre to wonder what on Earth have I done until my brain kicks me. While Lacey hastily gets dressed I run into the kitchen and grab the kitchen roll. I tear sheets off and being to mop up the puddles of cum from the polished surface.

But something stops me in my tracks. Lacey didn't get dressed instead she's removed her bra completely and is waiting for me to notice her. Except that's not all. There was something glistening on her fingers which she was busy wiping across Biaexual tits.

"Just keep going Ray, there nothing to see here.

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Kajim 9 months ago
Let me guess. You don't shop for groceries.
Goltigar 9 months ago
Sorry Bubba, but I think you meant to address this question to someone who calls for banning them. Oops.
Gardagis 9 months ago
what do suggest i watch before going to bed? Lol
Yocage 9 months ago
That just wasn't enough. I'm Catholic and I am not satisfied either. For justice to be served, the punishment must be at least proportional to the crime.
Dajin 8 months ago
Would never discount the pilots ability, nor would
Faegore 8 months ago
I posted answer above.
Zura 8 months ago
Sure. I, for one, am happy polio's near eradication thanks to the vaccine.

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