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"When it comes to the land animal becoming a sea creature and then becoming a land animal again it's only the creationist who have a logical opinion that this is just a fairytale. Animals go through speciation, you can take a member of the canine family say a dingo and a dog and produce all different species of dogs but you will never produce a rabbit or a hippopotamus because genes don't work that way. You can make a really large dog but you never get a dog as large as an elephant because as a limitation in genetics. You can take dogs and breed very small dogs but you never get a dog as small as an cockroach because there are limitations in what genes can do."

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Meziramar 9 months ago
I am not the biggest seafood fan :p but i am glad you enjoy it :p
Tygogal 9 months ago
Facts have nothing to do with left or right. Facts are apolitical. They are simply facts, recitations of verifiable events.
Mazushicage 9 months ago
Same can be said for the opposite.
Malalrajas 8 months ago
Trump is in charge.

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