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"6.6 million Jewish people died and over 5 million other prisoners were also murdered by the Nazis. It's so sad! We believe it happened, but there's people we even go to church with who are positive it never happened and I don't get that."

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"Keep you dick in your pants and your hands off my daughter. Do you understand?" "You didn't have to tell me that Gavin" I reply, anger beginning to boil inside me.

"It had to be said, so I'll ask again are we clear?" "Yes, "I reply. Back in the sitting room Lacey is wating anxiously. After I'd walked into the room and sat down, she asks in a hushed tone "are you all right?" I just shake my head and sit down.

"You seem shaken Ray, what did he say?" "He said that I can't do anything sexual with you," I mutter. "Well duh, but you're not going to let that phrase you, are you?" "Do I have a choice?" I retort. I might have said more but the words died on my lips as Lacey slid towards me across the sofa.

She instantly mushed her lips against mine and our mouths moved in unison.

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Fegor 10 months ago
Wolf on the beach
Disida 10 months ago
Only those who either lack enough spiritual intelligence or are to lazy to use it deny science... it is worth noting that the majority of Christian denominations have come to terms with the reality of science and that outside the Abrahamic religions most of the major religions thanks to a deeper understanding of spirituality never had that conflict in the first place...
Sarisar 10 months ago
Thank you for this, but I feel you are missing the essential point and lauding a group of people who I am already sold on. Like you I am aware of the genius of some and like you I too have the friends and indeed went to a school with a "Jewish" house. Like Christians, the vast majority are ordinary folk who rub along to get along.
Taujora 9 months ago
No really, they were.
Balmaran 9 months ago
Of course that's what the GOP would like it to be about .......but it's not.
Maur 9 months ago
Can we skip supplying food, water and air to those steel boxes?

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