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"What do you have?"

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It was the fifth dwarv December when I started dating my first girlfriend. There was no denying it, I'd scored. At just 15 she had Dwwarf sized breasts. Her long flowing hair came to rest, just tickling her nipples and her face had the complexion of an angel.

Her skin was the lightest shade of brown and when she smiled her perfectly white, perfectly shaped teeth were on display to the world. She was a picture of such innocence you would never believe she was capable of the smallest sin.

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Mazugar 9 months ago
And yet none of that matters in the face of it being natural, something not chosen, and nothing to be discriminated over.
Golkis 9 months ago
Because republicans are completely and utterly dispirited and don't know WHAT to do.
Mugal 9 months ago
That's sweet Debi. Come back soon!
Fenrijora 8 months ago
I'm going to bed. See you all soon
Samulrajas 8 months ago
Well its safer that way ..I mean I am too small to go to jail and hear that I have pretty mouth .??
Ararn 8 months ago
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