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688 10:409 months ago

"I think you might, but not from me, lol."

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I worked my tongue inside her mouth and my hands moved to rub her breasts through her shirt. I can already feel myself getting hard; it happens whenever I'm near her, I can't help it. The door creaked behind me. I shove her away from me and pretend to watch the TV which had been running the whole time.

I could sense Gavin's eyes unblinkingly roaming over the room. "Dinner's ready darling, you have 5 minutes," he said. As soon as he left the room I glared at Lacey "see what I mean!" I let the urgency inch into my voice "a second later and we would have been toast.

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Gardanos 9 months ago
Good for you. These people are all weird anyway.
Kazahn 9 months ago
I'm so glad we have a serial philanderer in the white house who cheats on all his wives and pays the women off to keep them quiet before an election.
Nikogis 9 months ago
Num num num
Taurn 8 months ago
Night is will soon fall (and I can't get up!) and shall away to evening consumables with another.
Kagajora 8 months ago
Pretty sure I've done the most stumpers. LoL
Nisho 8 months ago
There is a better chance of a revolt if that stupid son of a bitch ISN'T removed.

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