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868 08:377 months ago

"It is not illegal in itself but when campaign funds are used it is VERY illegal. Why would Trump pay these girls? He never had sex with them? So he paid them for nothing? The Russian scandal might not bring him down but the girls certainly will"

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Mera 7 months ago
No bonehead, the OP asked if religion hindered science: "Did/does religion hinder scientific development?"
Goltijora 7 months ago
How are you adjusting? There are folks out there who resist taxation and are sentenced to prison. Are you ready to stand up for what you believe in? Or are you quietly and resentfully filling out your tax form each year?
Fecage 7 months ago
OK: I guess I'm one of those who has been trying to make it about religion above. Perhaps that's my bad, seeing such an OP on a channel titled "Religion."
Zolobar 7 months ago
He's a part-time Champion, which kind of kills 30 or more years of storylines for the title. I think he did his last UFC match in 2016. Not his very last, but the last one he's done.
Doktilar 7 months ago
I had 3 sons. #2 & #3 were big athletic kids, big into sports, and no one ever messed with them. Poor #1 son took after his mother, short, thin, and the most non-athletic kid one could meet. I put him into martial arts in 2nd grade because already he was having issues with bullying. Within a year, the other kids knew not to mess with him, and it only took one lesson for one bully. Classes gave him confidence and the skills to protect himself.
Nagrel 6 months ago
I cleared them and made her a trusted user
Doshicage 6 months ago
Then option #2.
Vishura 6 months ago
So you think people are actually abducted by aliens?
Zulular 6 months ago
Let's blow dolls up!

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