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"Every Atheist I know has often said, "there is no god." I often see Atheists on these Disqus boards say something to the effect that "god does not exist.""

" A few seconds pass, then I lean forward and wrap one arm around her and we begin to kiss. It's just standard protocol, we work for half an hour and then for 5 minutes we can make out, keeping in mind of course the close proximity of her parents upstairs.

I can feel my cock straining against my shorts. We keep kissing, her lips are so soft I swear I could kiss her all day if she would let me. But she pulls up after minute. "Get your cock out. " I do as she says and a few seconds later my cock is laid bare. She wraps her tiny fist around it, I'm only 6 and a half inches but compared to her hand I looks enormous.

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Magami 5 months ago
It will. I kind of know when the slow times are each day.
Yozshukora 5 months ago
"Becasue the Bible does not say that God parted the Red Sea for Moses."
Volabar 5 months ago
Fear also leads to genocide.
Mull 5 months ago
Good morning to ya sis ????????????
Vigar 4 months ago
And yet you want the lawyer to remain completely tight-lipped about why she wants to have blue on the outside and pink on the inside. You want her to lie to the baker. You want to preserve the hypocrisy that gay people and trans people must remain invisible in order to be treated fairly in the public marketplace.
Moogugami 4 months ago
I do not miss the essential point of your post: This is how you see it.
Nikotaxe 4 months ago
It?s missing a few items:
Kazragal 4 months ago
You're too obvious, just relax. I might address one issue of the above concerns, although I've done it before but nobody actually takes any notice - mainly because the atheists in here aren't interested in real answers. Still, I'm tempted, especially the one about marrying your rapist.
Akilrajas 4 months ago
The first step in freedom is acknowledging that freedom is something you have, not something that the government gives to you.

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