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"Only because I love you Gehennah:"

I can feel my cock straining against my shorts. We keep kissing, her lips are so soft I swear I could kiss her all day if she would let me. But she pulls up after minute. "Get your cock out. " I do as she says and a few seconds later my cock is laid bare.

She wraps her tiny fist around it, I'm only 6 and a half inches but compared to her hand I looks enormous. Then she pulls my head close and whispers, "I want to hear you moan. " So I moan into her ear I tell her how wonderful she's making my cock feel and I how I love the feeling her huge breasts which spill out under my fingers.

I begin to fondle them as she sucks me off. Her head bobs up and down in my lap as my moaning increases. I pull her off my cock "Lets have sex I say.

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Kagashura 10 months ago
An honourable opposition would be capable of proving instead of falsely accusing guilt.
Kazikazahn 10 months ago
I guess there would be, but that's not what the "weeping and gnashing of teeth" was referring to in the Bible.
Moogukus 9 months ago
I played the radio and and stereo day dreaming of being a rock star ??????
Malanris 9 months ago
Just a second... someone's calling me while I'm on Disqus!
JoJoshura 9 months ago
Also known as the god who wasn't there.
Fenrit 9 months ago
You told the last guy, but never explained why we need saving, or why he is trying.
Taulrajas 9 months ago
There are no facts that require faith in order to believe them. 150 years of neuroscience has taught us that the brain mediates all experience and therefore once the brain is dead there can be no afterlife. It is not possible.
Shaktibar 9 months ago
Comparing Islam, a religion that began 500 years after Christ, to the Israeli religion wherein the ten commandment were given by God and the Hebrew people were used to bring judgment upon the wicked Canaanites and other peoples of that land, is apples and oranges. That warfare lasted during one generation for a specific purpose. Mohammed's Muslims attacked and slaughtered many people to conquer their lands and grow their religion and it continues today. Israelis displaced the idolatrous and utterly corrupt nations within Canaan to have a home for their people, the land God promised to Abraham. They are not continuing to conquer other nations and enslave them as Muslims do.
Fern 8 months ago
Those documents were created for private. Implying otherwise is where the propaganda begins. So don't bother trying to hoodwink me.

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