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"Sure if they find it. Facebook is where most of concervatives get their fake news"

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" However there was a catch. Her step Dad had been in the army for 10 years and even as I lay next to her on the sofa holding her hand, thinking life couldn't be better. Gavin, her stepdad, walks in.

"Ray I want a word. " I stand up silently. Lacey looks at me, smiles reassuringly, t moves to get up with me. "Uh hem, I want to speak to tl alone" says Gavin.

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Vohn 9 months ago
Mohito any alcohol
Tazragore 9 months ago
Sounds like you prefer a Muslim country where those ideas are respected.
Tojagul 9 months ago
There are three types of evidence for Intelligent Creation:
Judal 9 months ago
I trust people who actually spent years training for their jobs...actual scientists. And I do have an open mind...just not so open it falls out.
Tam 8 months ago
Yes. Saturday?s are days to go out with friends or family and enjoy. Friday?s I like to rest as much as I can!
Nikorn 8 months ago
What do you you mean by "All of science is honoring Him?"
Faegami 8 months ago
We have no idea who wrote the Book of Luke. Traditionally, we associate it with a writer named Luke. In reality, we have no idea who wrote ANY of the Gospels (and more than a few scholars have serious doubts about Paul, the one writer whose identity we think we know, since none of his non-Christian writings exist and no contemporaneous scholars have corroborated his existence before or during Christianity).
Akinokree 8 months ago
Lol that's rather presumptive of you

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