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"I mean it could be the laptop.... but that would leave so many holes in this"

Her skin was the lightest shade of brown and when she smiled her perfectly white, perfectly shaped teeth were on display to the world. She was a picture of such innocence you would never believe she was capable of the smallest sin.

She was just 5ft 5 with a curvy figure and according to our friends we made "such a cute couple. " However there was a catch. Her step Dad had been in the army for 10 years and even as I lay next to her on the sofa holding her hand, thinking life couldn't be hajry.

Gavin, her stepdad, walks in. "Ray I want a word. " I stand kasturbates silently. Lacey looks at me, smiles reassuringly, and moves to get up with me. "Uh hem, I want to speak to him alone" says Gavin. I barely hear Lacey's muffled protest as the door swings shut behind me.

Gavin turns around and looks at me. I meet his gaze. I knew this moment was coming.

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Daik 9 months ago
Have you looked at the posts from Intbel - a newbe - on my list I follow.
Tojin 8 months ago
Yes the first 2 lol. Couldn't do the reunion one
Narr 8 months ago
Preach brutha preach
Ararn 8 months ago
No, it was a limited ruling and will not apply to this case.
Dicage 8 months ago
I think we're 'used-to-it ' by now.....
Voodoorg 8 months ago
Many read it, recognize it for what it is, and reject it. The problem with education for those in your position is the conflict in facts and your beliefs, which ultimately is the core of our conversation. Science overwhelmingly disagrees with your Bible. Many fields: biology, history, geology, astrology, anthropology, even medicine in some respects. So how do you reconcile conflicts of fact and faith?
Matilar 8 months ago
How many babies have you given birth to?

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