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"I forgot to add like. I meant to say was I like when you make me blush. I type pretty fast, my bad"

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" So I moan into her ear I tell her how wonderful she's making my cock feel and I how I love the feeling her huge breasts which spill out under my fingers.

I begin to fondle them as she sucks me off. Her head bobs up and down in my lap as my moaning increases. I pull her off my cock "Lets have sex I say. " She looks at me shocked "What happened to discretion, my parents are only just upstairs," She says.

"We can hear them coming down the stairs a mile away; you know the noise they make. " "But I'm underage you know that," came her reply. "Listen you love me right, and I love you, why shouldn't we have sex it doesn't matter if you're underage as long as you love each other.

" A glint enters her eyes. I can see the excitement as she warms to the idea. She pulls down her leggings and I run my hands down her legs. She's already wet I get on my knees and lick her a few times eliciting a few moans from her. She then puts one foot on the chair spreading her pussy wide open.

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Gagami 9 months ago
I can read your first post with no problem, weird
Nikolrajas 9 months ago
GN lover ??????
Femuro 9 months ago
Zero evidence has been presented that the Russians changed a single vote.
Metaur 9 months ago
Only when someone is absotively, compellingly annoying, Jennifer. ??
Munos 8 months ago
I thought we throughly established that she's mine lol

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