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"over 11 million jobs, 4% raise in average pay AFTER inflation, record after-tax corporate profits and stock prices, decline in illegal immigration including a 35% decline in attempted crossings along the southern border, a 6 point drop in unemployment from the height of the recession... any other questions?"

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Akikinos 9 months ago
Oh, that's awesome! I haven't been on a horse in so long!!!
Mulabar 9 months ago
more like a Hillary voting liberal that couldn't stand losing a vidya game because he is a 30 year old baby man.
Dadal 8 months ago
In the history of mankind warm periods benefitted man and they suffered starvation and disease in cold periods
Vugami 8 months ago
LMAO! ... yes Donald, again, many gullible Republican voters will believe that (*wink*). Don't worry.
Shara 8 months ago
"In the late 1960s the AHA also secured a religious tax exemption in
Taukus 8 months ago
It's a town in California. When ever I have to explain something a little farther on because someone isn't understanding what I'm saying in Engrish, I use that expression because most of the people in Rio Linda California don't speak Engrish.....
Nikosida 8 months ago
I am coming here later.
Mikora 7 months ago
How many NFL games I have watched in my lifetime about .03, how many I intend to watch in the future 0. You can play anything you want during the games, won't bother me one little bit... For me watching sports on tv is like a form of cruel and unusual punishment, torture if it is golf. To each their own I guess.
Gardazuru 7 months ago
I can only lucid dream on occasion, most times I am dreaming I am not aware I am doing so. When most people dream it seems like reality until they wake up of course.

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