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297 13:198 months ago

"I think he's incredibly dangerous. I just think he'd be more dangerous if he weren't a moron."

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" She looks right into my eyes, slowly I push her backwards. I spread her arms out until she's flat against the wall. I lean forward for the second time that day and once again our tongues dance to each other's tune. I raise my hand to her cheek marvelling at the softness of her skin.

Her body trembles as my left hand cups her dripping pussy. "Gavin couldn't stop me if he tried," Straihgt reply at last.

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Fecage 8 months ago
Not much more bad either. Looking just at north America and Europe, people are better educated, wealthier, healthier, likely to live longer. The young and not so young people I know are all hard working, polite, caring and are creating a better society than that I remember in my youth.
Kajicage 8 months ago
To bad your god wastes his time making idols bleed from their eyes that he expressly forbad his believers to make.
Malalkis 8 months ago
If you are speaking of 'Holiness' then you have accepted the religion's point of views, obviously.
Vubar 7 months ago
It was while watching V8 a couple of years ago and had some mates over. One brought his own Ford mug and it was a opportunity seized...??
Kazitilar 7 months ago
Remember what this piece of shit Warren said when you vote.
Tygolabar 7 months ago
well thats good i guess
Faera 7 months ago
Are you saying Clearfield county voted for the Democrat governor.
Meztijar 7 months ago
Only you are in my thoughts

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