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Faetilar 9 months ago
It says that. God condones slavery entirely.
Nijin 9 months ago
Yes, government supported displays must be neutral. That is what the SC has determined. They actually created law by creating a test. Not really their job,
Yodal 9 months ago
Again, man was not created. We evolved from earlier hominids. We share common ancestry with other great apes.
Migore 8 months ago
{" my life as an adult has been a breezy joyride?"}
Nikozahn 8 months ago
Socially liberal, but fiscally conservative. Generally politically moderate. Some of us don?t side with CNN or Fox. People love their labels tho...
Moogubei 8 months ago
Most owners of handguns would not know how to "defend themselves" from a 10-year-old with a sharp stick.
Mezisho 8 months ago
Because Bob cannot know how many pennies are in the jar. He has never actually proven his claim. Bob has simply claimed it, asserted it, "has faith" in the number of pennies in the jar. He might even say, "The jar spoke to me and said there are an even number of pennies in the jar." Maybe Bob believes the jar did speak to him, and that the jar said that there are an even number of pennies in the jar. Maybe there are whole books written about the number of pennies in the jar being even. Maybe hundreds of millions of people believe that there are an even number of pennies in the jar.
Zolom 8 months ago
What else do you say to someone who equates abortion with killing illegal immigrants?
Nijar 8 months ago
I'm pretty sure asking forgiveness for sins of people who have already died is pointless. ("the wages sin pays is death" - dead people have already "paid" for their sins)
Kazrahn 7 months ago
Hard to do when he doesn't.

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