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"If the interview had strayed from the typical softball Fox News Trump interview, which would be unlikely since Ainsley Earhardt probably wants to keep her job, Trump could have dissed her by asking Airhead Ainsley how she came up with the idea that we defeated "communist Japan". Well, at least she was half right which is pretty good for FN."

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Akim 9 months ago
Nah, just random facts. :p But if you sniff cinamon, you probably won't snore either, because: You'll be dead.
Milmaran 9 months ago
The funny thing is mike has the sequence wrong. He says we kicked God out of society and then lost truth. What happened is that people sought truth and as a result many could no longer sustain a belief in God.
Mekazahn 8 months ago
I always thought that too ... that when the authorities arrived later to draw the chalk lines, they would not know the good guys from the bad guys. If you are trained for situations like this, and we were extensively trained, that will not happen.
Tojalabar 8 months ago
I fully agree. We should try to see all ends.
JoJotaxe 8 months ago
I replied to your joking about the podium celebrations and your proposed $300 fine it went straight for approval, whats going on?

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