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"Well well well, who let you back in?"

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"That's it come on Ray cum for me. " I continue moaning into her ear urging her on when my body convulses. I moan long and loud, white pearly cum sprays over the table top. I have a few seconds to wonder what on Earth have I done until my brain kicks me. While Lacey hastily gets dressed I run into the kitchen and grab the kitchen roll.

I tear sheets off and being to mop up the puddles of cum from the polished surface. But something stops me in my tracks.

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Dimi 5 months ago
I agree ..goodnight ttyl :)
Gubei 5 months ago
That is a better answer, but "likely" is the wrong term. The necessary truths are certain, validated by God Himself, and have no contradiction within the set of axioms or between the axioms and the contingent consequences.
Dainos 5 months ago
To have a job that I don't have to call a "job"
Shaktigis 5 months ago
No one is going to testify to it until after Trump has left office.

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