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"But the OED, one of the most respected English dictionaries in the world, does--and it's not my interpretation, you despicable liar!"

"Uh hem, I want to speak to him alone" says Gavin. I barely hear Lacey's muffled protest as the door swings shut behind me.

Gavin turns around and looks at me. I meet his gaze. I knew this moment was coming. Lacey had warned me.

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Nitilar 9 months ago
What are you up to today? ??
Nejinn 9 months ago
Glad you liked. Who's your favorite super hero.
Dazuru 8 months ago
Yes she does.
Voodoogor 8 months ago
Once again life cannot prove anything to the dead. Any one who calls themselves atheist and proud tell anyone that you have to be dead spiritually to God. God is not physical, God is a spirit.
Zolozil 8 months ago
Lmao... I don?t judge...but I ain?t in that jury either ??????

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