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"I was talking more about what happens on line. It doesn't worry me personally, as a Christian I am used to it."

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"Come on Lacey where is your hole?" I ask. "It's right here," and she demonstrates my sliding her middle finger in and out of her pussy. I keep trying but my cock won't fit. Frustration is beginning to take over.

"I can't take this," I mutter "Just suck me off. " As she gets on her knees I pull up her top so I can see her amazing breasts. There so full and bouncy, I reach down and cup them and that's all I need to drive me over the edge. "I'm going 2 cum" I warn her.

She's nudee her head off my cock instantly "On the table" she says. She grabs my cock and starts pumping it. "Ray Cuotes want you to moan in my ear as you cum just imagine your cumming right onto my tits, that is what you want isn't it," the question is rhetorical, she knows I want to cum on her tits and on her face but I right then all I can do is moan.

She pulls my head closer to her ear I can just about see her fingering and rubbing her pussy.

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Grojin 9 months ago
Don't try this at home!!!!!!
Kajikasa 8 months ago
I'm outraged that A) our government officials work hard to keep our borders open and keep illegals in our interior, and B) our government officials think that Trump-bashing is more important than the illegal aliens they love so much murdering American citizens.
Vugami 8 months ago
I agree. So girls clothing is not the issue.
Tygogul 8 months ago
My life is on the line, here, along with the lives of many of my family members and friends. We're all just waiting for the next lynch mob, while Christians sit around pointing and laughing, as if this were a joke or a game or something.
Salabar 8 months ago
You posted a definition. I posted another which does include force.

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