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"However, if that is false then what would be the alternative? Just because a book states something does not make it true - the bible was written to subjugate people to religious views, and that was intentional to control the masses within the name of god, that was created within the image of man, and with characteristics that has allowed the Church to control the minds and souls of their members and the world in general."

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Arashirn 8 months ago
Jesus is purposed to have said that bit about the fruit, therefore it is Christian.
Shaktirn 8 months ago
You are welcome to you ?go of the gaps? argument.
Akinolkis 8 months ago
These little boy's and girls are a classy bunch aren't they ? Sad there brains are deranged !
Mosho 8 months ago
well im rather outgoing ever since i was a small kid i was that way it seemed to help me in life like when i was 16 i worked as a waitress , being outgoing / talkative made me get great tips $

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