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"Nope, you fail in your argument. Alice Marie Johnson was a first time drug offender. She had already served 21 freaking years of a life sentence. Where was her violence? Hmm?"

She grabs tufts of my hair as I begin to shove my middle finger inside of her. "That's so good, oh God ray it feels so good" with my left hand I reach upwards and grab her slippery tit.

I think to myself one day we'll rent positiosn room and we can fuck all day. I keep licking DSS fingering and I can tell she's getting closer. "I'm going to cum Ray, oh God. "I increase the tempo as her juices gush into my mouth.

I swallow as much as possible.

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Gusida 9 months ago
American Psycho and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Moogujin 9 months ago
oh = kiwi porn ... is this called "soft porn" in Enzed?
Gardashura 9 months ago
We know; truth isn?t truth and crime isn?t crime.
Kill 8 months ago
When did you join Disqus
Tojamuro 8 months ago
That's an odd one. We're coming closer and closer to the first. The second falls outside any model that exists of our universe. If something like it could happen, Christians would likely use it as PROOF YES PROOF of their supernatural claims. But you do you, at least you've thought about it a little.
Dagrel 8 months ago
With O you qualified if you were a couple, had 4 kids, and made 40k or less per year.
Mezibei 8 months ago
His poor put-upon parents. Sigh, it's so sad.

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