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97 07:008 months ago

"Really, if you like that you can find much better quality lingerie in better department stores for much less"

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Arak 7 months ago
Like I said, it always ends up in the religious arguing from faith. . . meh. Thank you for lending credence to my words.
Fenrinos 7 months ago
If it pisses smiley off, everybody should switch.
Zululrajas 7 months ago
Nice. In the 2nd part of that vid.. see how the Group b left foot brakes, keeps the revs up, and the S1 lifts off touring car style.
Faezahn 7 months ago
Describe yourself some more.
Turg 7 months ago
The Republicans control DC. They have every opportunity now to get rid of welfare -- except that too many of their own voters use it.
Kagami 7 months ago
A sin god knew we'd commit. A "cherub" god knew would rebel. A failure of god ability to create. A failure of god's ability to correct the curse he put on us any other way..
Tokinos 7 months ago
God deals in truth, core truth no matter how small the evidence given may be. It is core truth. All beliefs have evidence.
Gugami 6 months ago
I do not disagree with that
Zulukora 6 months ago
Are you for real? Kids with blood cancer have a 90% survival rate now. Old guy with brain cancer does not. Wtf?

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