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"Absolutely probable cause for an investigation into election tampering."

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Mekus 9 months ago
The electoral college as determined by the votes of the people.
Arashit 9 months ago
Yet leaving a newborn with no brain to suffer every moment of their short life isn't "sick and twisted"?
Nikojas 9 months ago
it means offline
Mikajas 9 months ago
Science shows that questions don't come from the heart.
Morisar 8 months ago
Yes this is true. But in general the idea of selflessness is a basic tenet for some religions. As I said I can't speak for all religions but religion in general is more outwardly focused. Less on self and more on other. Less on what can I do for me and what can I do for you.
Kazrakinos 8 months ago
Well, that makes two of us, doesn't it?

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