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"You've covered a lot of ground, but - in the interest of space and clarity - I want to focus on a single thing you wrote. Your wrote "deep state" in parentheses, as though it might not exist. I think a lot of folks who lean left think of the deep state as an unlikely conspiracy of bureaucrats. I can't speak for everyone else, but to me the deep state simply refers to the unelected federal bureaucrats who wield enormous power to, effectively, make laws outside the legislative process and try crimes outside the judicial process. Members of the bureaucracy have a vested interest in preserving their powers and in attacking politicians who attempt to limit their powers. I personally know, and am friends with, members of the deep state (I live in the suburbs of DC and work in the city). While they wield enormous power, there are limits to that power - especially when it comes to heavily reported issues when popular outrage threatens their power. That's what is happening with the Mueller investigation right now (many people are outraged that an elected President and his allies are being targeted by the bureaucracy over alleged collusion with Russia for which no evidence exists). The deep state is real, but it's not a shadowy conspiracy. It's just a group of people with an interest in preserving their little fiefdoms. Trump threatens that, so they're attacking him as best they can."

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"You seem shaken Ray, what did he say?" "He said that I can't do anything sexual with you," I mutter. "Well duh, but you're not going to let that phrase you, are you?" "Do I have a choice?" I retort.

I might have said more but the words died on my lips as Lacey slid towards me across the sofa. She instantly mushed her lips against mine and our mouths moved in unison.

Instantly my worries were brushed aside as the warmth of her body stemmed my fears. I worked my tongue inside her mouth and my hands moved to rub her breasts through her shirt.

I can already feel myself getting hard; it happens whenever I'm near her, I can't help it. The door creaked behind me. I shove her away from me and pretend to watch the TV which had been running the whole time. I could sense Gavin's eyes unblinkingly roaming over the room.

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Mezimi 9 months ago
No. He did not. Not even top ten. Keep trying. You are a dingle
Faura 8 months ago
Like trump's credibility is in the toilet so calling out others is only a distraction.
Golkree 8 months ago
"There are references to the Kingdoms of Judea and Israel and their respective rulers in other writings."
Diramar 8 months ago
Why would they need a camera? to protect a statue from law breaking liberal activist?
Mazugar 8 months ago
Well, yes, samuel starks. That is 100% exactly and precisely what I expect. If you have a real god, then you have some way of demonstrating to a non-believer in him that he really exists.
Grojar 8 months ago
Hey...Jane in Firefly was a dude.
Digis 8 months ago
Oh, sure..he won't buy that!
Morisar 8 months ago
Me to like alot I don't wanna loose my friend and Eve does not wanna loose Ethan like ever (yep bringing that up now XD)
Samugal 8 months ago
I agree, anything left open ended.
Vunris 8 months ago
GREAT song! Much meaning behind it!!

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