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"You eat your own kind? Thats gross, so,is cannibalism."

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"Lacey I'm being payed to tutor you, you have to pay attention, I'm not going let your parents pay me for not teaching you anything," I scold her. She just looks at me stony faced. I would worry that I've upset her but I know what she's doing. She's waiting for me to give in, waiting for me to break the sexual tension that's been in the room since we sat down.

Then she says "It's been half an hour now, I get my 5 minute break. " A few seconds pass, then I lean forward and wrap one arm around her and we begin to kiss.

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JoJozahn 9 months ago
That's me on most nights. Things died down on here last night so I called it a night early last night.
Gardajind 9 months ago
Evaluated, yes. Don't forget that many of those groups also do genital mutilation on their kids too. So yes, you're damn right they should be evaluated.
Araktilar 8 months ago
They only care about taking Trump down a wet dream for the boys of the left. Two days ago you had a comment it was feeling like Christmas ! I disliked Clinton and didn't want him impeached for the love of my country and thought it was political.
Moogujin 8 months ago
You must be in the 0.0001% that wouldn?t vote for him again.
Zulunris 8 months ago
And how is that relevant to this subject at all?
Nejind 8 months ago
Awesome! I'm trying to load the page now!
Faenris 8 months ago
Lol...I can?t lie. Sometimes I?m motivated past my laziness.

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