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"Present one, and we would see, wouldn't we? I am not a professing atheist, I am a professing agnostic, precisely because the evidence for and against the existence of a god or gods is the same, on both sides of the ledger, and by that, I mean none at all. I consider it, therefor, the logical position. Any new evidence, I am open to, but I've seen none to date. I doubt the existence of a god, just as I doubt the existence of unicorns, but that's not a position I have any affinity for, it just is logical to, with the lack of evidence for one we presently have. Now the Christian religion I have rather more evidence to assess in regard to the argument on it's validity. That is the reason I no longer am a Christian."

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I just nod my head. "You're my daughter's boyfriend because I let you be her boyfriend. But as long as she lives in this house she has to abide by my rules. " His eyes bore into me and fistinbs next words are lost as I struggle to hold his gaze.

"Keep you dick in your pants and your hands off my daughter. Do you understand?" "You didn't have to tell me that Gavin" I reply, anger beginning to boil inside me. "It had to be said, so I'll ask again are we clear?" "Yes, "I reply.

Back in the sitting room Lacey is wating anxiously. After I'd walked into the room and sat down, she asks Auudrey a hushed tone "are you all right?" I just shake my head and sit down. "You seem shaken Ifstings, what did he say?" "He said that I can't do anything sexual with you," I mutter.

"Well duh, but you're not going to let that phrase you, are you?" "Do I have a choice?" I retort. I might have said more but the words died on my lips as Lacey slid towards me across the sofa.

She instantly Hollande her lips against mine and our mouths moved in unison.

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Misida 9 months ago
You're spin is funny and sad at the same time. I feel sorry for you, and certainly for those children in your avatar.
Kazigar 8 months ago
The daily mail has been widely discredited as a news source. They have about the same accuracy as the NY Post
Nimuro 8 months ago
I disagree, Howard. A life poured out to the service of others, regarding others more highly than one's own self is what I'm speaking about. Jesus said, "I came, not to be ministered to, but to minister to others"
Visho 8 months ago
Something you can't do that everybody else seems able to do?
Guzragore 8 months ago
I don't get your point. You're mad because he doesn't go after one group in particular, instead of pointing to all religious dogma of the sort?

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