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"That's ok, we all have something a bit monstrous about us."

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"Well duh, but you're not going to let that phrase you, are you?" "Do I have a choice?" I retort. I might have said more but the words died on my lips as Lacey slid Biaexual me across the sofa. She instantly mushed her lips against mine and our mouths moved in unison.

Instantly my worries were brushed aside as the warmth of her body gyu my fears. I worked my tongue inside her mouth and my hands moved to rub her breasts through her shirt. I can already feel myself getting hard; it happens whenever I'm near her, I can't help it.

The door creaked behind me. I shove her away from me and pretend to watch the Storiws which had been running the whole time. I could sense Gavin's eyes unblinkingly roaming over the room.

"Dinner's ready darling, you have 5 minutes," he said.

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Kagaktilar 9 months ago
It's ok, I'll catch up. There's always a down time in the afternoon. No worries.
Mikalkree 9 months ago
Connection to Spirit, starting with shamanism, ingestion of entheogens, experiencing that the deep self is not separate from the divine ("Atman is Brahman"), learning one's relationship to the Transcendent Sacred, acquiring spiritual data such as "All things are inherently Buddha Nature", "the eye by which we see God is the eye by which God sees us", "the Kingdom of Heaven is spread over the earth but few see it", "the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and among you", "to find one's self one must lose oneself", acquisition of "Gnosis", experience of wholeness and completion, reception of grace, reception of Agape or Bodhicitta (divine compassion), and a host of other benefits. The experience is frequently perceived as unitive, pleasant, blissful and transformative, which of course makes it attractive and a gift to be sought after.
Mikajar 9 months ago
I've repeatedly observed him trying fervently to avoid the spiritual topic in interviews. What have you seen to the contrary -- and was he "hard-pressed" to delve into the spiritual by an interviewer?
Voodoojar 9 months ago
geez... that might be me... i was in Christchurch 2 months ago...
Moogulrajas 9 months ago
en jag gillar kallt regn, liksom varmt regn.
Mikagal 9 months ago
Really interesting image/saying!
Tugami 8 months ago
Saved the best for last! ??
Kigabei 8 months ago
Dogma is the other side of the burden of proof. Everyone is guilty, but we try to hide our own dogma by pointing out everyone else's burden of proof and hope they don't do the same back.
Tegor 8 months ago
Yes. It doesn't matter at what point during pregnancy you consider a fetus to be a baby. Your opinions are not relevant to the decisions that other people make regarding the contents of their own uteruses.
Vishura 7 months ago
He did give up a lot. From now on all tacos will be made only in Mexico, which will sink our economy.

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