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"Cite the evidence, Fred. You can't simply say it does X without showing X."

stepmom tries swimsuit in front of her son before fucking

"That's so good, oh God ray it feels so good" with my left hand I reach upwards and grab her slippery tit. I think to myself one day we'll rent a room and we can fuck all day.

I keep licking and fingering and I can tell she's getting closer. "I'm going to cum Ray, oh God. "I increase the tempo as her juices gush into my mouth. I swallow as much as possible.

But it dribbles down my neck and under shirt. Then she pulls me up and thrusts her tongue as far down my throat as she can manage.

"Ray you made up for not having sex with me earlier but I need to feel you inside of me. Gavin will never catch us, he means well but he's middle aged, he's too slow to be chasing teenagers around.

" She looks right into my eyes, slowly I push her backwards. I spread her arms out until she's flat against the wall. I lean forward for the second time that day and once again our tongues dance to each other's tune.

I raise my hand to her cheek marvelling at the softness of her skin.

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Nikocage 7 months ago
Well that's old news for starters... Sunday Assembly has been going on since 2013. Atheist "congregations" have been holding meetings for much longer and in many of the more atheist countries in Europe atheists still pay taxes to support the church and have their weddings, funerals, celebrations there.
Narr 7 months ago
Great minds think alike.
Nilkis 6 months ago
Your absolutley welcome!
Arabar 6 months ago
Oops. Sorry to ruin the no-G-word streak...
Sham 6 months ago
Ergo god is nothing.
Daikazahn 6 months ago
He needed a cooperating corpse though. The body asked that he not participate.
Grogami 6 months ago
You think Pence is a "Closet Lefty," just bidding his time?
Diran 5 months ago
Hahahaaaa good morning to the sweetest guy everrrrrrr hope you have a fantastic day!!!

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