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"Why do you think Jesus allow His body to die on the cross? When Jesus died on the cross all the sins of the world was transferred unto Jesus's body and when His body died so did our sins. So any one Jews or Gentiles who come to Christ all their sins can be removed and saved. It is like this either we die for our sin we done against God or someone else has to die in our place and this way you do not have to die but continue to live on. This is what Jesus did. But think about it, there is only one group of people who had someone to die in their places for their sins. Those who are saved in Christ. In none of these religions they do not have no one who came and died in their places, neither Buddha, or Muhammad. Think about it, the Nation of Israel used to sacrifice animals for their sins, but after their temple was destroyed in A.D. 70, they no longer have animals sacrifices. Which means they to have no one to die in their places for their sins. The only group on earth that have someone who died for their sins are those who have accepted Jesus Christ. Remember if no one dies in our place for our sins then we will have to die for our own sins we done against God Almighty. If Christ does not pay the price for our sins then we will have to pay that price. Thank Jesus that He did. Whosoever call upon Jesus shall be saved."

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"I don't have a problem with you Ray, if I did you wouldn't be here," he pauses. I just nod my head. "You're my daughter's boyfriend because I let you be her boyfriend. But as long as she lives in this house she has to abide by my rules. " His eyes bore into me and his next words are lost as I struggle to hold his gaze.

"Keep you dick in your pants and your hands off my daughter. Do you understand?" "You didn't have to tell me that Gavin" I reply, anger beginning to boil inside me. "It had to be said, so I'll ask again Stragneland we clear?" "Yes, "I reply.

Back in the sitting room Lacey is wating anxiously. After Wenf walked into the room and sat down, she asks in a hushed tone "are you all right?" I just shake my head and sit down. "You seem shaken Ray, what did he say?" "He said that I can't do anything sexual with you," I mutter.

"Well duh, but you're not going to let that phrase you, are you?" "Do I have a choice?" I retort.

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Vudokasa 7 months ago
Do you believe there aren't? Why?
Bar 7 months ago
Guilty by association.... I knew that would catch up with me.
Zologar 7 months ago
Yes, it does. Read that Wikipedia article again:
Dull 7 months ago
What you don't think she looks alright with the make up on ?
Tygolar 6 months ago
Secret? Early 20s, party at a friends, passed out on the sofa bed eating animal crackers. Woke up later to a couple having sex next to me, on top of my big jar of crackers. Got up, walked down the hall, and looked for a few. Until my face turned red when I heard her say, ?I think he?s watching.?
Sazil 6 months ago
Sticking your head in the sand waiting for some imaginary kingdom is exactly the kind of response the Catholic Church prays for.
Faeshakar 6 months ago
Saturday hanging with friends at a club.
Bragor 6 months ago
I'm not terrorized in the slightest dearie???? My sense of humor is rather macabre even on a good day! *whispering* harmless muffins are the best assassins, because you never see them coming ??
Bragrel 6 months ago
Your trophy mam

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