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"No I put my testicles in her purse 26.5 years ago right after I said, "I do.""

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Then she says "It's been half an hour now, I get my 5 minute break. " A few seconds pass, then I lean forward and wrap one arm around her and we begin to kiss.

It's just standard protocol, we work for half an hour and then for 5 minutes Sknia can make out, keeping in mind of course the close proximity of her parents upstairs. I can feel my cock straining against my shorts. We keep kissing, her lips are so soft I swear I could kiss her all day if she would let me.

Heivers she pulls up after minute. "Get your cock out.

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Maujas 8 months ago
of course not. But lets be honest. This investigation is going all over the place. Exactly how much power are we giving them? Just go until they find something? Anything? Trump is a moron and nowhere near presidential material but it is stomping all over what this country is about if we are going to rectify the mistake by looking for some silly charges to get rid of him. Look at what goes on in Washington and who gets away with things. The departments that are supposed to be impartial are very one sided it seems. Did you see where Comey lied about the Wiener laptop? Over 600k emails and he said they checked them all...turns out he lied and only 3077 were looked at. The entire city, entire entity is corrupt on both sides. I just want to see justice for everyone, not just because we made a mistake.
Shaktigar 8 months ago
Which Would you Rather Be The Engine or The Caboose Of a Train, and why.
Arajar 7 months ago
Another capital on my list, it's so intriguing. Former Eastern bloc countries are beautiful and crumbly and I just want to explore a few weeks! A ex pat in Prague loves it but the people are still so reserved, and they've known him ten years!
Goltihn 7 months ago
Just as I though. Sorry bitches like you expect me to ignore America lies as if nothing happened. To go on knowing sorry unpatriotic people like you keep trying to sell those lies. The sorry bitch ass mother that made you and anybody else that don't like what I wrote can kiss my ass.
Kezuru 7 months ago
I'm back in the States now! So it's going on 1am right now... Not cold at all...a little muggy...

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