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"Oh this is too funny"

There was no denying it, I'd scored. At just 15 she had D sized breasts. Her long flowing hair came to rest, just tickling her nipples and her face had the complexion of an angel.

Her skin was the lightest shade of brown and when she smiled her perfectly white, perfectly shaped teeth were on display to the world. She was a picture of such innocence you would never believe she was capable of the smallest sin.

She was just 5ft 5 with a curvy figure and according to our friends we made "such a cute couple. " However there was a catch. Her step Dad had been in the army for 10 years and even as I lay next to her on the sofa holding her hand, thinking life couldn't be better.

Gavin, her stepdad, walks in. "Ray I want a word. " I stand up silently. Lacey looks at me, smiles reassuringly, and moves to get up with me. "Uh hem, I want to speak to him alone" says Gavin. I barely hear Lacey's muffled protest as the door swings shut behind me.

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Malat 9 months ago
> "That Steele document was never published or mentioned to the citizens of the United States until after Trump was elected."
Shaktile 9 months ago
the economy in the area? who knows. not the point. point is that corporate welfare is not sustainable and must be dealt with!
Toll 9 months ago
So what do I believe in? Disproving the shroud? Give it a rest.
Mezigis 8 months ago
Aww Thank you Debi
Akinoshura 8 months ago
Well as you claimed it you would need to back it up, as you can't back it up then all you are doing is flapping your gums and spewing crap.
Zulkitaur 8 months ago
Oh man I was just talking about pizza with Kieran yesterday.
Mikarisar 8 months ago
The best method is the pull out and put in mouth method! Lol!
Kagazshura 8 months ago
According to scientists it has. Is there a reason you disagree with them?
Shaktilkree 8 months ago
*Heart Begins To Beat Faster* ?? Oh Boy

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