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"So you now claim to be able to speak for the masses? hahaha Presumptuous, aren't you? (rhetorical)"

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Ketilar 9 months ago
I agree with you, that emotional deception is wrong. Especially religious entertainment and movies. Lies, at best. However, these two singing were simply sharing their core beliefs.
Dalkree 8 months ago
We aren't sheep. We aren't dumb and defenseless. We don't need to be led.
Yozshum 8 months ago
The funny thing is that is I could deliver a response that would explain everything from where time comes from to how we figured out the speed of light and you would say, duhh, you didn't explain nothin, duh, what about words and stuff, duh, duh, semantics.
Nekazahn 8 months ago
I'm only aware of one or two owners that have an issue with pregame preparation
Shadal 8 months ago
That's a good idea. You should gif one's more often.
Tozil 7 months ago
I'm not married at all :)
Masida 7 months ago
The last one's to know anything about immigration are the left ...that has been well proven over the last few months...
Julmaran 7 months ago
Read it again or do you have an actual question?
Doukasa 7 months ago
Neither 2 nor 3 are "miraculous".

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