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"It would depend on who died and how and what your connection is to the child. But what I wouldn't do is lie to them about it. Stories of heaven are false hope that could just delay grief till later when they realise there isn't a magical place that they went to. (Unless you plan to lie to them all their life and prevent them coming in to contact with anyone who might tell them the truth.)"

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I tear sheets off and being to mop up the IIn of cum from the polished surface. But something stops me in my tracks. Lacey didn't get dressed instead she's removed her bra completely and is waiting for me to notice her.

Except that's not all. There was something glistening on her fingers which she was busy wiping across her tits. "Just keep going Ray, there nothing to see here. " But I can't tear my eyes off her as you brings one finger up to her mouth and sucks the last drop of cum off her finger.

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Muzahn 9 months ago
thats what im running from !
Brajas 9 months ago
I don't really remember Harvey Weinstein or Larry Nassar being scolds for sexual purity. I'm sure it happens in the public school system but do you really think it is a bigger problem than in Catholic schools? The Catholic Church's raison d'etre was to micromanage other's sexual behavior for the last several centuries. When you compare The Catholic Church's authority to Hollywood aren't you setting the bar pretty low?
Negami 9 months ago
I'm not sure,outside of vague references from the text, that's going to happen. I say this with respect to all non-violent personal belief systems and still firmly stand by everyone's right to peaceful theological pursuit. Was just really hoping for something solid though, it would strengthen theologys case significantly I think.
Tukus 9 months ago
RIP Jim "the anvil" Neidhart
Kajigami 8 months ago
Nah, just a trans commie ;)
Tegrel 8 months ago
If I get cancer then so shall it be. We all die and will die. No avoiding death. The reaper is coming for everyone.
Zulkikinos 8 months ago
I feel the same about you, i never got your age...
Kajind 8 months ago
I always had to provide that stuff in the diaper bag. I think most parents still do considering that some kids can't wear certain diapers without having rash breakouts, and formula's also are usually a certain required kind per kid.

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