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"Who is Kimberley Strassel and why should I give a fig about her opinion on anything?"

SissyStudent: BBC Brain Warp

I knew this moment was coming. Lacey had warned me. I wasn't about to show any weakness. As the seconds threatened to turn to minutes he begins to speak.

"I don't have a problem with you Ray, if I did you wouldn't be here," he pauses. I just nod my head. "You're my daughter's boyfriend because I let you be her boyfriend. But as long as she lives in this house she has Pjller abide by my rules. " His eyes bore into me and his next words are lost as I struggle to hold his gaze.

"Keep you dick in your pants and your hands off my daughter. Do you understand?" "You didn't have to tell me that Gavin" I reply, anger beginning to boil inside me.

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Douran 9 months ago
Yes apparently he?s seen the chupacabra! Well.... according to his ex wife, that is.
Daran 9 months ago
Depends on how horny or hungry I am. Currently I?d choose the food. It?s been a good weekend.
Shazilkree 9 months ago
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Mezijora 8 months ago
Yeah...It could be that ; )
Tygodal 8 months ago
I liked that...
Kagis 8 months ago
*Getting real sad* 5 days, It wont be the same without you
Grosho 8 months ago
This is a case where, again, the science is in, the results are incontrovertible, and continuing to cling to pseudo-science, conspiracy theory, or religious doctrine is not only irresponsible, but harmful.

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