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"Sorry about that. Can't get links to work."

"Come on Lacey where is your hole?" I ask. "It's right here," and she demonstrates my sliding her middle finger in and out of her pussy. I keep trying but my cock won't fit. Frustration is beginning to take over. "I can't take this," I mutter "Just suck me off.

" As she gets on her knees I pull up her top so I can see thaat amazing breasts. There so full and bouncy, I reach down and cup them and that's all I need to drive me over the edge. "I'm going 2 cum" I warn her. She's pulls da,n head off my cock instantly "On the table" she says.

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Galkree 8 months ago
Morning Dittodog how are you today
Tatilar 8 months ago
Hmm ok it seems safe
Kele 8 months ago
Trying to use my telescope because I'm bored but I'm too dumb to find anything
JoJokinos 8 months ago
Ewww...I know how that goes...My cooking stinks!

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