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347 23:069 months ago

"I think he has lots of evidence. But I don?t think you have any knowledge of what you claimed."

I have a few seconds to wonder what on Earth have I done until my brain plxys me. While Lacey hastily gets dressed I run into the kitchen and grab the kitchen roll. I tear sheets off and being to mop up the puddles of cum from the polished surface.

But something stops me in my tracks. Lacey didn't get dressed instead she's removed her bra completely and is waiting for me to notice her.

Except that's not all. There was something glistening on her fingers which she was busy wiping across her tits. "Just keep going Ray, there nothing to see here. " But I can't tear my eyes off her as you brings one finger up to her mouth and sucks the last drop of cum off her finger.

"It seems you've forgotten something Ray, you forgot to make me orgasm. Now get on the floor and suck my cunt," she says with sudden ferocity. I simply obey her orders, I get on my knees and look up and lick her sodden pussy.

I push my tongue past her plas lips and Playa hear her gasp in plags.

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Nitaxe 9 months ago
The fact is there are a group of well educated, non biased people who have an alternative opinion. You can accept that or not. All I do is share what I read.
Kajishura 9 months ago
It was: "Dear Frankie".
Tajin 8 months ago
I can't hear a difference though....
Akicage 8 months ago
Pop Star Wolf
Vudodal 8 months ago
Yeah yeah yeah they've been crying this since the morning after the election. Rather than focus on getting a future candidate of substance they have all sat there bawling in their soiled diapers. Pathetic losers, get over it. Your candidate lost to Trump! A bonifide blowhard, that should speak volumes on what you rolled out!
Bragami 8 months ago
Funny to hear this from someone who quoted Wikipedia on a discredited study from the middle part of last century and making unproven assumptions regarding the abundance of amino acids, their self assembly under hypothetical circumstances which are questionable and ability to resist climatic and extraterrestrial insults sufficient to allow life to occur spontaneously yet with some ?purpose? to evolve.
Feshicage 8 months ago
Then find a non-fake democracy where you can live.
Vilrajas 8 months ago
I read about a lot of things, republican--especially after reading that YOU believe your livestock are into your attentions.
Kazrataur 7 months ago
Oh. And you know this because you've talked to every former gay who no longer practices?

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